3-8 Players
15 minutes

Zombitis is sweeping the globe: it’s killed millions and billions more are at risk. There’s no government stockpiled vaccines and pharmaceutical companies have nothing. You and your peers are mankind’s only hope. Just a couple of months ago they were ridiculing your ‘Advanced Projects Agency’ for its crackpot ideas, now they are praying that those very ideas might just save humanity.

You’ve got eight weeks to try to cure the zombie plague - will you be heralded as one of the saviours of mankind or will you back the wrong therapy and remain a crackpot till the end of your days? Work together to achieve a cure or trip up therapies that you don’t support. Time’s running out...

Zombology is played over eight rounds, each round players choose a card from their hand to either contribute to the eradiction of the disease by performing research in one of six therapies or to play an event either boosting one of the therapies or overrunning an opponent's lab with zombies. The remaining cards in their hand are then drafted to the next player, so players build up a picture of which therapies might offer a cure as the game goes on. Therapy cards range in value from 1 to 6 and can only be played if any player has played the card below it (i.e. playing a four requires a 3 in that therapy in play) and then game ends when one or more 6s are played in a round. Players work together, trying to co-operatively generate enough evidence for a cure, but not everyone will win - only those who have backed the right cure will be lauded, or everyone might die!

In November 2013 I started designing Zombology as part of NaGa DeMon, it went through a few iterations that month and by the end of the month it kind of worked. Over the next two years I focussed all my Games Design time on Zombology, and for NaGa DeMon 2015 I made a hand-made, signed and numbered limited edition run of thirty copies:

Complete Zombology prototype

With the limited edition now sold out, your only chance to get a copy of the game is now through Drive Thru Cards as a Print on Demand edition: http://www.drivethrucards.com/product/175425/Zombology.

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