Monday, February 6

More Carcassonne

Got a few more games of Carcassonne in last night before Mal left, and I finally won one. The key to Carcassonne is definitely the farmers, you need to pick the area you farm though, in one game, Mal and I both ended up with four farmers on a single field - which severely limits the number of men you have available for other point-winning schemes.

I'm thinking of buying a new game soon, not sure what though. I'll probably go for a 'Spiele Des Jahres' winner as I've come up trumps with them in the past. Anyone got any suggestions?

I'm hoping to get another game of Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition in soon, it's a fantastic game, the downside is that it takes a whole day to play, and because it's so complex, and we play so infrequently, you spend most of the day trying to remember the rules :-(

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