Wednesday, February 20

Game Trade

I read Philip duBarry's Starting a Revolution blog. He's in a similar position to me, making games by hand trying to make a name for himself. Last week he posted that his new website is available, so I pootled on over to take a look. Very nice. Clean, informative and it has a flash demo of the game, cool!

The game looked interesting, so I contacted Philip, and he suggested a trade, It's Alive! for Revolution. Including shipping and the horrendous exchange rate the games are about equal ($38 for It's Alive! including shipping to the US, $42 for Revolution including shipping to the UK), so I agreed.

I'm paying my company for Philip's copy, since it's not fair to count a personal game as coming out of the company - it would be cheating the taxman and Yehuda out of royalties to do anything else.

I'll hopefully see my copy of Revolution in a couple of weeks, in the meantime, why not check out Philip's website & blog yourselves?


Philip said...

Thanks for the great post - I've had quite a few hits from it! I'm hoping your copy of Revolution will arrive this week or the next...

Jack said...

I'm looking forward to it, Philip - enjoy It's Alive!