Sunday, March 9

Meepile on BGG

A while back I was watching my daughters stack their meeples in a little pile and got the idea to make a game out of it. I started sketching some meeple like characters with on hand in the air, both hands in the air and in other strange positions. I decided the one hand in the air would look and work the best. I proceeded to cut out and paint the first "Meepile Megameeple". Then we set to work developing some super simple rules. MEEPILE has since been added to the BGG database and there has been an amazing amount of interest. One of the images is currently on the front page of BGG and has received just under 70 thumbs. The game itself has received so many hits that it's worked it's way up into the "Hot Games" list on BGG's front page. When I started getting emails asking for the game I made a couple dozen and created some packaging. Now just over night I have received over 30 requests for the game. I'll have to start on the next 2 or 3 dozen tomorrow. You can see the game at: Just goes to show that you never really know!


Jack said...

Nice work Bobby! What's the mega-meeple made out of?

I always end up stacking my meeples during Carcassonne, so I can see how there would be plenty of interest.



runehardt said...

It's hand cut out of kiln dried pine. Then hand painted. I just made a template and broke out the scroll saw. I had to make so many of them this weekend that I just broke my fourth blade. Some people have been ordering them 4 or 5 at a time as gifts. Now the plan is to develop some alternate rules to make the game a little more exciting.

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