Friday, December 5

Good Customer Service

Yesterday I was in until 7pm, getting the flat ready for a viewing and waiting in for three collections. Two of the collections happened, the third didn't. This was really annoying, not just because I happened to be in all day yesterday, and had to go out a lot today, but also the third courier had my phone number and could have rung me to warn me they couldn't make it - but they didn't. We had snow yesterday morning and unlike countries that are used to it, the UK grinds to a halt when it snows. Traffic was very slow on the roads in the morning and when the two couriers who did arrive got here (quite late) they both complained about the weather. So I wasn't that surprised that the courier had problems and wasn't able to collect.

Things were complicated by the fact that I use a courier aggregator, who have high-volume accounts with a bunch of couriers and can hence offer a much better rate than I'd get with my low volumes directly. When I phoned the courier who'd failed to collect the parcel their automated telephone system wouldn't deal with me unless I had an account number, which I don't - the aggregator has the account not me.

So I contacted the aggregator, and their automated telephone system said I'd get an email. Not that encouraging. Then I had to go out, post some games and pay in some money (we'd been out last night for The Wife's Christmas do at her old work where I sold lots of It's Alive! - they're mad for it!). When I got back I checked my email, and sure enough there was one from the aggregator. They'd re-booked the collection with the same couriers (who'd called while I was out) and another courier to ensure it was collected. They were very apologetic. I was impressed, it doesn't take much, but they'd apologised and made an effort to fix things.

I'll be spending the rest of the day waiting in for the other courier, and preparing for a trip to see my old work mates in Newcastle before we move down South. It'll be a great chance to catch up with them, hand over some copies of Carpe Astra they've pre-ordered and do some playtesting/gaming!

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