Tuesday, November 10

Looking for More Playtesters

It's that time again. I've received a submission that I need to get playtested more widely. In particular I want to find playtesters from North America (the best market for this game, I believe).

The game is a fun, silly, card game for 2-6 players than plays in less than 30 minutes. It's very language dependent (hence I'm not looking for European playtesters, I can't see I'll sell many copies there), since it's a fantasy-themed storytelling game.

If you're up for some light-hearted, simple fun, please post a comment explaining why you'd make an awesome playtester for Reiver Games. I'll pick some people (using my arcane selection criteria) and send them a copy of the game.

All I'm asking from you is that you play the game several times, keeping records of game length, scores, number of players, what everyone thought of the game and any ideas you might have for tweaks to the rules or cards.



Skiznillz said...

I would make a good play tester for a silly card game. I regularly get together with another couple for 4 player sessions, and my wife and I carry on many 2 player sessions. We enjoy several Steve Jackson card games such as Chez Geek, Ninja Burger, Land Lords, and the many incarnations of Munchkin. My wife and I enjoy some deeper games such as San Juan and Race for the Galaxy as well. It would be an honor to give a little of my time to an industry that has given me so much entertainment!

Indigo Potter said...

Hello, this is indigopotter from BGG. I was recently a playtester for Triumvirate. In addition to the private notes I sent to Travis, I put together a review, which you can read here: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/448622.

If you are looking for feedback for how your game plays with couples, LordDillon and I would be a good choice. I think the fantasy storytelling theme would appeal to LD, who plays D&D.

We've kept records of all of our 80+ games of Agricola, so record keeping is not a problem for us.

Thank you for considering us.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is Maus from BGG. I would love to playtest your game with my boys, 10 and 8. We regularly play all sorts of games together like Frenzy, Wreckage, Hey! That's my Fish, and others and would definitely enjoy a short, fun, fantasy card game. We could see if the younger crowd would enjoy your new creation.

FatherPhoenix said...

I would love to help play test. My wife and I helped play test Munchkin Fairy Dust. My friends and I helped play test many of the original White Wolf World of Darkness series of games. We are all quite literate and a fantasy game that is very language dependent seems like something we would both very much enjoy and be good a picking apart and finding flaws as well as being able to suggest improvements and modifications. We get together on a fairly regular basis and can play test with groups as small as 2 and as large as 10 to 12. If you would like more info please let me know.

Scurvy Jake said...

I'd like to help out playtesting your card game. This past summer I attended Ian Schreiber's online game design course, and play many games on a weekly basis with friends, family, and coworkers. I work in software development and am very good at accurate communication and feedback. Plus, I just enjoy playing and testing games!

Duncan M said...

I'd love to play test this new game. I'm in Canada, btw.

I regularly play a variety of card games with my wife and our friends. My collection of games continues to grow, and adding a new title is always exciting. I have a knack for both understanding and communicating rules, and we all tend to argue and pound out inconsistencies and contradictions over many play sessions (this is an ongoing experience for things like Munchkin).

jafrank said...

Jackson, I would be interested in playtesting your game with my family, gamer friends (if relevant), and games playtesting group.



ljkopen said...

Hello Jack,

West Michigan's Grand Gamers is willing to help play, circulate, and provide opinions of the mentioned game. We keep our meet-ups pretty informal but are gaming almost every weekend, and have one of the members (usually Matt) write up the games, scores and impressions. A wide range of careers and ages are involved in our group.

Might need an account to see our movements:

A sample write-up can be found here:

Let me know if we can help.

Thank you,

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya all,

Thanks for volunteering. The call for playtesters is now closed, over the next day or two I'll pick a few to receive copies of the game :)



Jackson Pope said...

I've picked the winners, they will be announced in a new blog post shortly.

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered.



Anonymous said...

If you ever need some playtesters, I am interested in this. I belong to several gaming groups and wouldn't have too much trouble finding others to play. I am in Atlanta, GA and have created a few games myself. Thanks.

David D.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya David,

Thanks for the offer, the game I was talking about is underway now, but I always need playtesters so keep an eye out!