Monday, March 17

The Joy of S...

...leep! It's finally happened, after 18 months, The Daughter has finally started sleeping pretty well. We've had several nights in the last week where she's either slept through, or only woken very briefly and then gone back to sleep. It's been awesome.

The Wife and I have been so refreshed that we've been able to stay up very late (like 10pm!) and spend some time together - especially good since I was away for a chunk of last week in Germany for work. So, I've not made much progress on games.

What little progress I have made has been on Zombology again. We got to play a seven player game of it at the beginning of Games Night on Thursday (it seemed to go down well - I'll be sending this version to the NaGa DeMon winners as soon as I've written up the new rules). I've changed it slightly so that it's a semi-coop game. It's possible for all players to lose, or one player to win. The first attempt I made at this was way too hard (all players always lost!), and I fear I've gone too far the other way now, so it might need a little tweaking to make it a bit harder - it is an apocalypse after all - there should be at least some risk of being consumed head first.

I've ordered new ink for my printer, so I should be able to finally make the copies for the NaGa DeMon winners next week. Which gives me this week to get the rules done while I wait for the ink to arrive.

I've also been meaning to play Firefly: The Board Game again so I can try out the app I wrote for my Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone. I've been very happy with the phone until this week when it overheated while charging and melted the USB port to the point where I can no longer plug it in or charge it. So now it's died. It's still in warranty though, so I'll be speaking to Nokia this week about that. With no phone to test the app on, I might as well try to play Homesteaders (a recent purchase, as yet unplayed) instead.

I've had a couple of quiet weeks on the games design front, with Germany and then this week (which if I'm honest was largely spent watching House of Cards!), but it's time to step up things again now and get the NaGa DeMon winners copies out to them. In the meantime, I'm looking for some icons to represent the following:

  • This card protects another (named) card
  • This card will flip another (named) card
  • This card is vulnerable to another (named) card

Any ideas?


Roberto said...

Congratulations! The joy of sleeping can be really awesome(I have three kids, I know very well about that :-)
About the icons, have you seen
It's free stuff (CC BY 3.0) with high quality. You might find something interesting there.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Roberto,

Yeah, we're really appreciating it!

Thanks for the link I'll check it out later.