Monday, March 16

Impromptu Holiday

The good news is that on Thursday evening, after Games Night, The Wife and I decided to take a long weekend away, so we were in a little cottage in rural Northumberland enjoying an impromptu short break for the last few days - hence the late blog post. We had a lovely time and even got some gaming in (it's been ages since The Wife and I have played games together, the sleep disruption caused by The Daughter has left us too tired in the evenings to do much other than slump).

The bad news is that I'm not making any progress on anything this week due to the holiday and work commitments so I'm not going to have Vacuum ready to take to Germany next weekend. I'll have to post a copy to Konrad on completion after my trip to Germany :-(

Still, I'm on holiday! Yay!


Konrad said...

What a pitty.

Berlin awaits you, with or without Codename: Vacuum, with open arms!

Tom said...

Hi Jackson! I`m looking for contact with you, can you email me at: tom [@t] ?

Jackson Pope said...

Hallo Konrad,

Danke schoen! Ich werde Vacuum nach Berlin mitbringen. Ich kann es dir geben (die alte Version) und dann die neuen Karten dir schenken.

(Apologies for the dreadful abuse of your language!).



Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Tom,

Email sent.