Monday, October 26

NaGa DeMon 2015: Full Circle

So November is almost upon us and it's NaGa DeMon time again. As I said at the beginning of the year, my NaGa DeMon goal was 'to do something for NaGa DeMon'. This week I've decided what that something is: MAKE a game. Not design one! Make one. I guess that makes it NaGa MaMon.

I'm going to make the twenty copy hand-made print run. In a month.

The art is finally ready to go, I'm just waiting on a quote for the printing so I'm almost all set. Once I get the quote I'll have to massage the art into the final format for the printers and pay for it and send the art off. Then I can start making the tray and lid boxes and box inserts while I await the finished printing.

Once the printing turns up I've got to glue on the tray and lid wrappers for the boxes, cut out 2,160 cards and pack the cards and the rules in each box.

Zombology Box Art

And seeing as that looks like a ridiculous amount of work for someone with a full-time job requiring a chunk of travel and a young family I'm going to set myself a stretch goal (madman!): Get the art re-formatted for the print on demand version.

Let the frivolities commence!

In other news, Zombology has been submitted to BGG, hopefully it'll be live there soon...

In yet more news, it's been an awesome week. Games Night on Wednesday (a disturbingly rare event these days) involved a couple of games of my ten plays list, and then on the weekend my friend Paul and his family came up from York for Saturday night. We played five games, two from my list and two that Paul had brought up that were new to me: Above and Below and Ligretto. Ligretto was a fun, very quick simultaneous play card game which was alright, but I really enjoyed Above and Below. A strange mixture of Choose Your Own Adventure and worker placement game that was lots of fun with a nice 60 minute play time. Pretty art too.

We ended up inviting Paul et al. to stay Sunday night too, and got another five games in (and another two off my list!). A great weekend's gaming. Including six games off my list, three of which were Chinatown, which is still awesome.

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