Monday, December 14

The Second Coming

No sooner had my parents' visit come to an end then my father-in-law turns up! It's been a busy couple of weeks with guests. I did manage to squeeze in a trip to Manchester for work and a Games Night between the two though.

Games Night was good, we had a new starter so, rather than try to split up the seven of us into two tables so we could cram in another couple of games from my ten plays list, we just got a lot of big games in instead. It felt quite liberating to not be controlling everyone's gaming through the ten plays list - I'll not be doing something similar next year - too prescriptive!

I managed to get a couple of hours of Zombology construction in during this weekend, so I've now finished off all the boxes, and all that remains is to cut out the cards for the last sixteen copies, which I estimate is about eleven hours' work. I've spent 24 so far, so it should be about 1 hour and ten minutes per copy when all is said and done,

I doubt I'll make any progress this week, I missed Newcastle Gamers on Saturday due to my father-in-law's visit (and the snow!), I'm writing this on my way to Manchester again for work and then I'm out on Wednesday and Friday for work dos including the office Christmas party. Around all that it would be nice to spend some time with The Wife seeing as we've had so many visitors recently.

Next week I've got one final Games Night of 2015 and then we're off down to Bristol for Christmas with our families. I think Zombology will have to wait until 2016.

In other news, I watched the Tabletop episode for Libertalia (not sure why) and promptly bought Libertalia (damn you, Wil Wheaton!). Buying a game unplayed is quite unusual for me, so we'll  see how that goes, but it looked fun, was a good length (under an hour is popular at Games Night) and I don't own any pirate games, so it gives us something to play on International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I've also bought Splendor, Las Vegas and It's Alive! for the iPad. I've had a quick try of each of them and first impressions are:

  • Las Vegas: Too much animation, creams the battery and Game Center login every time is annoying
  • It's Alive!: Auction games don't work well Pass and Play (should have remembered this from Settlers of Catan)
  • Splendor: Mint.


Tim Page said...

I'm not sure whether or not 'Don't have any pirate games' is a valid reason to buy a game or not!

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Tim,

Of course it is! I thought that you would know that of all people!



Pinball Sales | Cheap pinball machines said...

Your games night sounds pretty amazing, Jackson. My friends and I also do games night but mostly board games like Monopoly, Uno, Jenga, and Millionaire’s Game. And with all that events, I’m surprised that you were able to do some work on your game. But I guess you’re pretty good at it that’s why you were able to squeeze it in despite your tight schedule. With your app purchase, among the 3, I also agree that Splendor is great an app than any others.
Wishing you all the best on Zombology!