Monday, October 24

A Goal I Might Hit

This year has been a weird one. My new job has required a lot more travel than I originally expected and as I result I've had a lot less time to spend with my family and on my hobbies of board game design and Windows Phone app programming. Up to this point I've only managed to make it to one of the bi-monthly Newcastle Gamers and I've missed loads of the Newcastle Playtest sessions too. With little to talk about I've cut back on blogging and NaGa DeMon is looking unlikely at this point too.

As a result, the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year are mostly looking impossible with the exception of the 366 plays (nailed it already!). So it was good to get down to York this weekend and spend a weekend with Paul and his family. I used to attend Paul's bi-weekly games night when I lived in York and he has a much larger collection of games than I do, so this was a perfect opportunity to get a few new-to-me games under my belt towards my 24 new-to-me games this year goal.

As it was, Paul was quite ill and I was knackered, so our late night gaming never materialised, but we did manage Rhino Hero (9 times!) and Imhotep, plus a load of games I already knew during the days. Rhino Hero and Imhotep took me to 21 out of 24 new-to-me games, so I just need three more  before the end of the year. That's a possibility, especially if I make it to Newcastle Gamers next month.

It was great to see them all and get some games in. We played Istanbul, Port Royal (still firmly on my wishlist), WobBally, Loopie Louie, Jenga and BANG! The Dice Game. A great weekend.

I've now got only eight days until the start of November with no real plan for NaGa DeMon. This is compounded by the fact that I'm off to Asia for a week and a half for work on the 26th Nov, so I'll miss the end of the month and want to focus on my family before I go. I think NaGa DeMon this year is a bust :-(


GamesBook said...

I had not ever thought about it but I guess my target for the year would be 36 (3 games played per month) - not too ambitious but I would need to work at it.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Derek,

Two a month doesn't sound that hard either, but I play almost all my games either at home or on my iPad with my own games collection. And I rarely buy new games, so playing new-to-me games is pretty much relegated to visits to a convention (one in May), friends or Newcastle Gamers, which I've only managed once. It's amazing I've managed so many! With nine weeks left I'm going to have to work at it too.



Unknown said...

Hi Jackson. Any word on when Border Reivers Second Edition will be published?
I've been trying to get my hands on a first edition copy and pretty much given up hope now.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Philip,

Yes, it's hard to track down as there were only 100 made (by hand!) and lots of those reside in the hands of my friends and family. One comes up for sale every now and again on BGG though. And in fact there are five available for trade on BGG right now.

As for the second edition, I've made some changes and tried them out a couple of times, but it needs more work. There's no planned release date yet.