Monday, October 8

Kickstarter Voice

You get a wide range of companies and people on Kickstarter, whether doing games or something else.

There’s the large and successful companies with their videos that are incredibly polished, full of rendered animations plus high quality photos and copy. At the other end of the scale there are projects that are something that’s been cobbled together by someone by themselves - video on a laptop or iPad and fairly simple text and basic photos.

With FlickFleet we’re trying to tread the middle path. I don’t want to invest tens of thousands of pounds in the advertising and content of the page, but I don’t want us to appear too homebrew either. We’ve not got a massive fan base ready to pounce on the Kickstarter, so we need to look professional enough to be credible to people who don’t know us.

The Kickstarter page taking shape

I’ve got experience hand-crafting games and getting games professionally manufactured for me and a back catalogue of five games that I’ve published in various quantities that speak to my credibility.

Here’s a preview link to the Kickstarter page (with rough draft of the video and box art - still works in progress). What are your thoughts? Does it come across as credible? Too homebrew? Too professional? Do we sound like people you would trust to invest in?

All feedback gratefully appreciated!


Owain Bennett said...

Looking great! You just need to bring the music down even more when you guys are speaking – you're losing the fight for intelligibility against the music in places. (You could probably tailor the EQs so there's not such a fight for the midrange between the speech and music, but that's beyond my area of expertise these days!)

I'll certainly be backing the KS. I'll get a ton of FlickFleet played with my kids!

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Owain,

Thanks you for feedback and support! You're not the first person to mention the music volume, that will definitely be addressed in the next cut of the video.