Monday, June 3

Doubling Up

Until now our focus has been wholly on making copies of FlickFleet as fast as we can and then getting them in the post to complete the FlickFleet Kickstarter fulfilment.

We’re now on the Bomber pledges (a copy of FlickFleet and one of Zombology), so Zombology is also required now too. We had a few of the earlier pledge levels get an additional Zombology, but that was a total of  seven copies over the months of Jan to May, now we need 20 copies of Zombology in fairly short order.
A blast from the past!

Because Paul does most of the FlickFleet crafting they're only take me about 19 minutes now, but Zombology is still 42 mins per copy so doing 20 will take me 14 hours - that’s several weeks’ crafting with another 20 copies of FlickFleet on top. It’s going well at the moment - I’ve made 12 FlickFleets and 11 Zombologys (and eight of those rewards are in the post, with the rest going in the post tomorrow). Next up will be the remaining eight FlickFleets and then it’ll be nine more Zombologys and the Bombers are done.

The final reward tier is 98 FlickFleets which we’ll do in July and August I hope.

The other thing that is splitting my focus is the next project. We’re planning to do a second FlickFleet Kickstarter once the first one is completed (i.e. all pledges in the post). There’s a ton of stuff that needs doing ahead of time (the KS page, video, photos of finished games and working out exactly what the Scenario Pack expansion will contain), but thankfully most of it can be done during lunchtime on a PC (on the days I don’t go to the Post Office!).

Busy, busy!

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