Monday, September 28


Due to COVID-19 people are flying less. Which is great for the planet. 

But it means a lot fewer international flights. There's less room in the holds for international airmail. Prices are going up. By up to 35% for heavier packages. 

US postal prices had already jumped a couple of months ago. 

We've already taken payment for our Kickstarter - we'll have to swallow the increase for now. 

It’s getting expensive

How much business will we do outside Europe when shipping as almost as much as the game itself? 

Brexit is not going to help as European customers will have to pay import taxes. 

We're going to have to look at what we do and make some changes. 

Soon our website prices need to go up. If you live outside Europe and want to take advantage of the old prices, they'll remain on the website for another week, then we'll pass the increases on.


Callan Davis said...

Good on you for being clear about this. There are a lot of hidden logistical problems that have emerged since COVID. The prices surrounding board game fulfillment will have to change.

Jackson Pope said...

Yeah, it’s tough. We’re pretty open about shipping prices on our website and subsidise them for KIckstarters, but it hurt when the prices went up by so much as the campaign kicked off.