Monday, February 15


I’ve spent most of this week trawling the web, updating all instances of our logo with the new one:

Much more professional!

After back and forth with the designer, we settled on “Fast, fun Craft Games” as what we do. 

It sums us up perfectly: Craft Games, like Craft Beer is indie, small runs, made by hand.

The logo captures the fun nature of our games and the support of our community.

It can be white or dark.

And the community hands can be swapped out for other things, allowing us to tweak it for particular themes, holidays or other reasons.

While keeping something recognisable.

It also leans in to the way most people pronounce Eurydice (Eury-Dice).

When it was suggested here as a name long ago I liked that it incorporated Dice and something a bit like Euro. 

Both strong gaming words.

Paul and I are really happy with it.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I like it! Simple (apparently) and direct.

I also like the changes you made to the website. The only thing I don't like so much are the mix of colours on the website (mostly that red).

Considering that Flick Fleet is one of your bigger hits, I would consider changing to blue or dark blue, which in my opinion fits better to that theme and, at least for me, is more appealing.

In any case, congratulations, I follow you since the last KS and I find your trajectory inspiring.

Keep on the good work!