Monday, May 17

In Flight

I’ve spent the last week ordering bits for the Kickstarter fulfilment.

We’ve got the dice. The grey, red and blue acrylic and the printing for the game and expansion 1 reprints arriving this week.

Boxes have been ordered, but won’t arrive until late June.

We’ve also started shipping rewards - for people who’ve order a game and/or expansion 1 only.

My job finishes on Wednesday then I have 2.5 weeks off before I start the next one.

Need to order the remaining stuff and do the Print and Play rewards next.

Busy, busy!

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Joan Jordan said...

"I love board games and how it connect people! Do you know Lagim card game? I found it at Kickstarter and it captured my interest. It is a card game battle against monsters and other players. Plus, the art and quality of the game set (based on Filipino folklore) are impressive. I think you’d love it, too! :)"""