Monday, June 21

Change Gear

I've spent the last month or more doing graphic design and placing orders.

The Box of Flicks 2 rules. And then dashboards.

Both much bigger jobs than I had expected.

A new box.

I've even re-done the Box of Flicks 1 rules (just added a components section and some ship rules that were in the Expansion, but not included in Box of Flicks 1).

It's been time consuming.

I'm placing the final order for materials today. Then everything is in flight.

There's only four orders outstanding, and I'm expecting two of those to arrive within a week.

The next thing for me is completing the fulfilment spreadsheet so Paul can ship stuff and then catching up on the bookkeeping.

Paul has been doing the cutting files and getting his tools together for fulfilment.

We've also had to order a replacement tube for the laser-cutter, which an engineer is fitting as part of a service this week.

Then Paul can start cutting in earnest (he can't do any fulfilment until the boxes and wooden bits arrive next month). 

Busy, busy...

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