Monday, May 1

2-Player Caylus

After a hard afternoon on the allotment, The Wife and I tried a 2-player game of Caylus. Since we'd both played it a couple of times before, we were off to a flying start. I tried to concentrate on building the castle, and getting favours - which I used to gain money. I was fairly flush for most of the game as a result. The Wife managed to match me batch-for-batch delivering to the castle however, and she too raked in the favours. She went down the building track and due to an error in rules comprehension was royally rewarded. She also built a lot more buildings than me, and was reward for that too.

We didn't use the provost much, but even so, with only two players the game was over quite quickly (about an hour and a half). I'd spent the last four or so turns stock-piling gold and stone to get a prestige building, however, in the last turn I realised that if I didn't delivery some batches instead The Wife would, building an unassailable lead. It turns out the lead was unassailable anyway, she beat me 105 to 95.

As a 2-player Caylus was good fun, and much quicker than as a 4/5-player game. It retained the majority of its manoeuvring, only the turn order is simplified out. I think I'm enjoying it more with every play, but I've yet to understand it well enough to win a game :-/.

On The Wife's recommendation I'm going to do some reviews rather than session reports over the next few days. My current top 5 games reviewed in reverse order - number 5 counting down to number 1.

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