Saturday, May 27

Ninja Galaxy Has Arrived

I went to the post office this morning to collect my review copy of Ninja Galaxy. It had been delivered earlier in the week, but I wasn't around.

First impressions are that the production quality is high - the pieces are of good quality and attractive (I especially like the ninja figures and the see-through dice). The box, rules and board artwork are technically good (even if they are not to everybody's taste - they are very colourful, with a cartoon flavour). The game arrived a little damaged (it had been posted in a Jiffy-bag) but nothing too serious, just a slightly dented box.

I've not had a chance to read the rules yet, or play a game so I'll post again once I have.


Boardgameplayer said...

Hey, at least you've received your copy. I keep reading more and more posts from people saying they've received their copy but mine is still MIA. I'm hoping it will make it to me on Tuesday...

Jack said...

I guess it takes a good while longer to reach the States. Hope you get it soon :-)