Monday, August 18

It's Alive! Pimping

I'm now trying to crank up the interest in It's Alive! The adverts are doing well, driving a lot of people to my site. I'm getting a lot more click-throughs from BoardGameGeek than from Boardgame News which is to be expected as BoardGameGeek is the more popular site. On BGG, my advert is getting three times the average click-through rate which is pretty cool - thanks for all your help designing it. Strangely though, all but one of the pre-orders I've received have been through the Boardgame News advert. Odd.

I've also been contacting UK shops telling them about the game, offering the chance to buy from me or either of my UK distributors. I've been working my way through the UK FAQ on BGG, contacting the shops listed on there. Several have got back to me saying they are going to buy from a distributor which is great as it might increase the order size before I receive the games. I asked them to let me know if they intended to order from a distributor so that I could add them to a stockists page I'm going to add to my website.

I hope to have a more productive week this week. Last week I did a couple of days consulting at my old job and had a physio appointment on Monday. Coupled with a slump in my mood mid-week, caused in no small part by the continuing delays in manufacture and the realisation I'm going to have to boost my income with some more work on the side, I didn't get much done. I'm feeling much more positive again today though - It's Alive! is now only two weeks away and Carpe Astra is coming together.

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