Thursday, November 13

Back To My Roots

Yesterday afternoon I popped over to Staples, bought some card then came home and started making a new prototype for Jorvik. Using a pencil, steel ruler and craft knife to make a basic prototype felt like the old days when I was spending my spare time (or holiday from work) making prototypes and hand-made games. I was sat there listening to Rammstein and Killswitch Engage, making short work of the marking up, cutting out and then drawing the cards. I've spent most of my time recently chasing manufacturers or distributors, or doing my books, or something business-related, this however was pure games design. It felt right :-)

Jorvik is going through a few changes. Initially each card represented a single square. Dave (are you still reading this down South?) had the idea of each card representing four squares, and allowing (partial) overlapping of cards. I tried each card representing nine squares, but several playtesters found this a bit too bewildering, so I've gone back to four. I've also got rid of the specific flood cards and gone back to the generic ones I had at the beginning. I'll finish making the prototype today and then solo it a few times to see if it works. I've also changed the rules for placing the priests to making it a bit more Carcassonne- and Go-like, not sure how this will pan out - only one way to find out.

I really need to get some more products out, I need to get the company off the ground to the point where it can provide me with a regular income, more products is the way to go I think. Alternatively, you could all convince everyone you've ever met to buy ten copies each of It's Alive! and Carpe Astra. On second thoughts, let's go back to the more products idea.

Yet more Internet problems. There's a problem at our local exchange apparently. The internet is running ludicrously slowly. Like 90's dial-up. Back to my roots again!


Unknown said...

This sounds like a very interesting game! I tried to make a board game back in school for a was so frustrating to make all of the little pieces. I wish you the best of luck!

I just found a post on Peterman's Eye about some classic board games. Thought you might want to check it out!


Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Tina,

I usually use generic pieces for the bits, cards I have to make myself though.

The Peterman's Eye post seems to be mostly about 'classic' games, such as Monopoly and Clue(do), it's the newer strategy games I'm more interested in.



Dave said...

Ha ha! Yes, I'm still here. I'd make some excuse about being busy, but it looks like nothing compared to how busy you are. Glad to hear Jorvik is back on the table (pun intended). I'm also glad you decided to go ahead with that Blake's 7 game. Oops, supposed to keep that quiet...

Jackson Pope said...

*grin* Hiya Dave,

Yeah, it's good to crack out Jorvik again. No comment on 'Blake's 7'.



Mal said...

Here's hoping that's just a joke...

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Mal,

Not feeling the Blake's 7 love?