Thursday, August 30


Last week The Wife gave birth to our first child: a beautiful, healthy girl called Anya Janette Pope. As you can imagine I'm going to be a little distracted over the next 20-odd years, but I still hope to make some progress on my games design (especially Codename: Vacuum at the moment). I'm on Paternity Leave from work for the next couple of weeks and I've already bought everything I need to print and cut out the next set of cards, so hopefully I'll be able to find a couple of hours when I can accomplish that (around staring in wonderment at the baby The Wife and I - mostly The Wife! -have made).

I'll also try to keep posting here as I make any progress, but as you can imagine it will probably be a bit less frequent!


Look what I made!


Mal said...

Awesome! You look a total natural too. :)

Jack said...

Thanks, Mal! While I may look competent, I assure you it's all talk and no walk! I'm a total n00b :) Still, it's lots of fun learning what to do :)