Monday, November 25

NaGa DeMon 11: Entering the Final Straight

So there's just under a week to go until the end of NaGa DeMon. I've now created four different prototypes (including the first one which I didn't make available P&P, and played with five different sets of rules. All in less than a month. Next up are some changes to the scoring suggested by @pidaysock via email (that's two PIPs for you Konrad, congratulations, you've unlocked the MSc achievement!).

Determining the best treatments stays the same, but instead of each player scoring face value for the cards they've collected, they score one point per positive card and minus one point per negative card. These are reversed for cards in the least successful treatment. Because the scores will be lower and ties are more likely, there's now a tie-breaker: The player with the highest face value card in a successful treatment wins (further ties are broken by next highest card, etc.).

There's no Newcastle Playtest session this week, so I can only try it out on my lunchbreaks at work and at Games Night on Thursday, I'll let you know how it goes.

Because the game is print and play and will remain available after NaGa DeMon draws to a close at the end of November, I've been trying to think of a way to make the TGWAG prize of a signed and numbered handmade copy of the game from me more interesting. My mate Wilka has a friend who's a good artist, so I'm trying to see if he'll be interested in me paying him to do some artwork exclusively for the TGWAG winners (and me of course!). I'll let you know whether he's interested too.

Finally, if you have printed out a copy to playtest, please let me know in the comments, I'm interested to know how much interest there has been from people who aren't playing TGWAG. To make that easier, I've (hopefully) undone the change whereby you need a Google+ account to comment on the blog. That snuck in under the radar with linking my blog to my Google+ account. I don't want to force commenters to use Google+, nor restrict my commenters to only those with Google+ accounts.


Konrad said...

Let's make use of my abilty to comment now!

First of, I am honored and feel thankful for all the praise I get here.

Second, let me explain why I suggested the scoring change: My tests showed huge differences - the winner had often and easily obtained double as many points as the second and/or third - without playing any "better". The luck element was too dominant. I hope that the number of cards makes the games playing field more level...

I look forward to playing twice this week!

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Konrad,

You're welcome - thanks for getting involved and for all the feedback and ideas.

I'm hoping to play at least four times this week, we'll see how that pans out...



P.S. One PIP for declaring that you intend to play twice this week, which unlocks the MSc in Zombology achievement!

GamesBook said...

I have printed this out to playtest. I hope during the week... I need to check my rules are up-to-date!

Jackson Pope said...


Thanks for getting involved! You get 3 PIPs for joining in and getting it printed out - you're not far off a free copy at the end of the month!