Friday, November 7

NaGa DeMon 4: Print and Play

Just under a week in and already I'm posting Print and Play files!

Codename: Dragon has really surprised me. It's the first time I've designed a game and the first prototype hasn't been so hideously broken that I've had to make sweeping changes - either during the first game or immediately afterwards. I've now played this version five times, three times as the knight and twice as the dragon. The first game resulted in a tie, but since then I've won every game I've played, which implies that it's not so totally random that there's no learning curve that rewards repeated plays.

That's the good news. The bad news is that despite it kind of working how I had hoped and not being too unbalanced or broken, there's been no love for it yet. My testers have been happy to play again and I think are largely still trying to get their heads round how the game works. But no one is clamouring for another game or offering to sell me their firstborn or a kidney for a copy of their own that they can carry with them at all times and foist upon unsuspecting spouses, relatives, friends and strangers.

So it clearly needs some work.

But I'm not sure what. That's where you come in. There's a couple of links at the bottom of this post to the front and back files, both two sheets of A4. If you fancy it please print them out and give the game a go (you'll also need the rules, 29 counters and 8 six-sided dice). There's PIPs by the bucket-load for feedback (especially critical) and ideas.

Please get stuck in!


Mal said...

To repeat what I said in person, I think merely being able to see at a glance the offensive/defensive nature of each other's played cards may well help. So, with these new colour-coded card, it may be that the game itself doesn't need any drastic changes. Give the current rules a bit longer with the higher fidelity prototype.

7isprime said...

Downloaded! I hope to try the game during the weekend.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Mal,

Thanks for your feedback, I tried to use it to shape the cards, hopefully when we get a chance to play with this version it'll help.

Hiya Enrique,

Two PIPs for being super-keen! Let me know if you have any questions.



Konrad said...

I already assembled the tokens and dice two days ago... and can print the cards today.

I decided that the name of my knight will be Ferdinand - for him I have special health tokens made from aluminium.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Konrad,

You're super keen too. Ferdinand has a nice ring to it and Aluminium tokens will be awesome! Let me know what you think when you get it to the table.


P.S. Two PIPs for super-keen and a bonus PIP for pimping your copy before the components were even available!