Sunday, November 2

TGWAG League Table 1

We're only two days into NaGa DeMon and already The Game Within A Game is off to a good start. We've got four competitors so far competing for three signed and numbered limited edition copies of the NaGa DeMon version of Codename: Dragon.

Konrad and Derek both took part (and won a copy) last year, with Roberto and Todd new participants for 2014.

Name PIPs PIAL Free game?
Konrad/@pidaysock 4 Serf Yes
Derek Hohls 3 Serf Yes
Roberto 2 Serf Yes
@toddderscheid 1 Serf No

My father-in-law is visiting at the moment, but I've managed to bag up the components I think I need for my first copy, and last night I made some basic cards for it too. The cards are hand-scribbled with pencil to enable easy editing when the first version inevitably turns out to be horribly unplayable. I'm going to try to get some games in at lunchtime this week, since I'm pretty sure I can't make Newcastle Playtest on Tuesday after all - it'll be cleaning up after the first day of double-glazing instead.


Todd D. said...

Woot! I'm a serf

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Todd,

Have another PIP for your excitement. Now get back to back-breaking work in the fields until well after dark or I'll stop your gruel rations.



GamesBook said...

Being a Serf makes up for never having been a Serfer in my youth (despite growing up right next to the sea...).

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Derek,

A PIP for the quip!