Monday, May 29

Levelled Up!

I'm now a father of two :-D

Dad Level Two

Last Thursday The Wife gave birth to our second daughter, Elina Sophie Pope. She weighed 5lbs 13oz (2.64kg) and everyone is now home and doing well. She is currently nocturnal, and with The Eldest off school during the days this week, I'm going to be way too tired to achieve anything games design related.

All I will say is that before she arrived I did a bit of work on the Zombology v2 graphic design and started a new AI for the Zombology test harness. It's currently winning 25.6% of the games it plays, so it's better than my two demo players (risky and conservative). I've a few more things to implement in it though - I think I can push that win ratio up. No other takers so far in the AI competition, looks like I might win it myself :-/


GamesBook said...

Congrats Jackson!!

I hope your children inspire you to create more great games ... and that you get to enjoy gaming with them, too!

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Derek,

Thanks! I've not had any kids games ideas yet, but The Eldest is now old enough to play Carcassonne, My First Carcassonne, Martian Dice, Rhino Hero and Tier auf Tier, so we're getting there!