Monday, June 5

Zombology Art Upgrade

So I'm one week into my paternity leave and one week into parenting a newborn (again). This week has been school holidays in the UK, so The Eldest (nearly five!) has been off school all week and we've had my parents here for the week to help with the new baby (and childcare during the birthing hospital visit).

As you can imagine (or if you're a parent, vaguely remember through the sleep deprived haze), we've been pretty busy, but in the evenings I've managed to snatch a few minutes to work on improving the Zombology artwork for the second limited edition.

To my mind, the priorities were:

  • differentiate Pay Rises from Overruns
  • improve the Army Perimeters
  • and, make the Guru/scientist more in keeping with the zombie.

I started with the first two of those and this is the progress I've made so far:

Army Perimeter

Any thoughts or feedback?

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