Monday, November 26

Two Thirds And Two Thirds

So we are very nearly two-thirds of the way through the FlickFleet Kickstarter campaign and we are just over two-thirds funded. Which is alright I think, according to Kickstarter themselves 98% of campaigns that reach 60% end up funding, so I'm still optimistic, but the last week or so have been very flat and a test of our nerves.

We've now had a few days where the total was slightly negative and lots where the total was barely above zero - we're really hoping for a big jump on the last few days (which it seems most campaigns have).

Running a Kickstarter campaign that doesn't fund immediately is incredibly stressful, especially watching the pledges come in and then get cancelled. I wouldn't recommend it for the anxious.

Still there are some signs of hope, I'm being interviewed by Paul Grogan of Gaming Rules! while I'm in the US this week, and hopefully Geek & Sundry too. The podcast interview with Coaching for Geeks goes live next weekend and we've got a decent number of people who are following the project and will be notified at 48 hours before it closes.

The marketing funnel (I hate myself for saying that!) stats for the project are currently:

Watched the video: 1,598
Watched it to the end: 888
Following the project: 603
Backed the project: 214 (including 73 followers)

So there's 530 people who are interested enough to get a notification, but haven't yet backed.

Fingers crossed!


GamesBook said...

Any sense of expected conversion ratios of those who are following but not yet backing?

Jackson Pope said...

Hi Derek,

Absolutely no idea! But most campaigns have a big uptick at the end, and I bet that this is where it comes from.