Monday, August 31

Getting Personal

Through all three of our Kickstarters we've offered standard and deluxe editions of whatever FlickFleet material we are crowdfunding. The games are small hand-made runs (I don't want to be sitting on thousands of games in stock that drains our account through the cost of warehousing), so how do we make the deluxe ones deluxe?

The contents are almost exactly the same - the deluxe game has an extra set of dice, and everything deluxe has a little shiny sticker on it. But that's hardly earth-shattering. 

The biggest difference is that the deluxe ships are all laser-etched as well as laser-cut. It allows us to add details and the names of the ships (which can be useful in bigger battles).

Plus it looks really cool!

The etching takes a lot of time and requires a lot more work from Paul (to ensure the ships with the right names make it into each box). So they cost more.

But we wanted to make them more special - really worth the extra cost. We number them (x/400) and write a little inscription on the inside of the box lid. And we both sign them. I've no idea if that's a selling point or if people appreciate it, but it makes them more unique. 

We also offer the chance to personalise it too. Have John* or The Smiths* inside the box lid. About a third of deluxe backers take us up on that. Usually with something like those above. But some people have fun with it and that makes me happy. Here are a few favourites from this campaign*:

The Imperium Triumphant!

To Bill And Ted, may all your battles be epic!

To the everlasting glory of Queen Jane and the Smith Star Empire

By Grabthar's hammer!

We also make them first and deliver them first too.

We must be doing something right. Over two-thirds of our backers in the last campaign wanted the deluxe version.

*Names changed to protect the innocent.

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