Monday, August 10

Production Begins!

With the pledge manager almost completed we’re now in a position where we’ve a pretty good idea of what we need to make to fulfill this latest Kickstarter. 

Last week I was getting quotes for the printing, the wooden bits and the acrylic. Two of those have now arrived and the printing has begun. The wooden bits order should be placed and paid for shortly. 

The outlier in all this is the acrylic. And there’s a risk there. Every shop on the planet seems to have put up acrylic till screens recently, so there’s a chance the acrylic supplier we use is either short on stock or swamped with orders. 

Hopefully we’ll find out shortly that neither of these are the case! In the meantime, I have a lot of orders to go through, invoices to create and games to make and Paul has an awful lot more laser-cutting and bagging to do when all the bits arrive.

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