Sunday, March 5

The Beast!

We finally got a chance to get another game of Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition in this weekend, only four months after the last game. We played with Paul, who had played with us last time so we had the double advantage of all three players having played before in the not-too-distant past, and only three players - so the finally total was only 4 and a half hours. It really is a beast :-)

Here's a snapshot of the penultimate turn before I got a lamping :-) Click on it to see the full-size image.

I won the game in the end, using the 10 victory points mechanism - as always seems to be the winning strategy. Unusally, there was no combat in the game until the final round when it was already clear that I was going to win - so there was a definite 'Well we've got to have at least some fighting' feeling about it.

I also tried a different strategy this game, using the Politics strategy to ensure a plentiful supply of the rule-bending Action cards, and making the most of my race's technology special ability, by ensuring that I never chose the Technology strategy myself - allowing both the primary and secondary usages. I ended the game with 13 technologies which was nice :-)

It was also the first outing of the Distant Suns expansion pack, giving each planet a random effect such as extra trade goods, hostile locals or radiation which kills your landing party. It slowed the expansion of the player's empires down and added a new dimension to the exploration and expansion - I'll definitely play that again in the future.

As usual after Twiglet games, we said we need to play again soon, to take advantage of us all have the rules in our heads, who knows when we'll get round to it though...

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