Friday, March 24

Border Reivers

Border Reivers was my first board game, and I designed it between Christmas '01 and 2003. The game has been finished for the last two years, and I've got a prototype that I made to playtest the game with friends.

Last weekend my parents came to visit and I talked to my Dad extensively about my games design work. As a result I've decided to manufacturer a limited run of Border Reivers, while investigating getting it properly published.

So, I've started working on the final deisgn of the tiles and cards and I'm going to invest in a hefty printer for printing the tiles and cards.

I'm thinking of using Plastics for Games for the pieces (although I'd prefer nice wooden pieces like those of Carcassonne, Puerto Rico and Settlers of Catan, I can get cheap plastic pieces that fit the bill in the UK).

Interested in a copy? Then either email me at or post a reply to this post.

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