Monday, March 27

Lots of Puerto Rico

This weekend passed in a Advocaat-soaked (don't ask) blur, but we did manage to get 3 games of Puerto Rico in after various meals. The first one was with Karen, Jochen, The Wife and I (won by Karen) and then on Sunday, Rebecca, Paul, The Wife and I played another two games (one a piece to Paul and I).

All three games finished when we ran out of colonists, unlike the first time I played when Roman built all 12 of his buildings. Our scores climbed steadily through the three games as we learnt the game more thoroughly, and the final game was very close with me just scraping a win in the very last round.

The more I play it, the more I like it. It is a great game. I'm convinced that buildings are key to winning, as Paul got only 4 victory points from transporting goods to the Old World in the last game, and yet he very nearly won, despite my 18 victory points from transportation.

Oh, and as usual after every games session we finished with promises that we should make time for a game of Twiglet.

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