Monday, October 29

Artwork Ideas For Jorvik

It's been yet another busy weekend, with my parents visiting this time. While Dad was here we talked about Jorvik. I think he'd make an excellent artist for it, and would generate unusual art, a mixture of ink lines and limited watercolour wash, quite different to Carcassonne or similar. I'd given Dad a few brief ideas about how the game worked and the sort of artwork I was after, and he'd sketched a few ideas.

After the success of the It's Alive! artwork by my friend R H Aidley, I've decided that what I want for Reiver Games is for the games I publish to be distinctive when it comes to artwork. I'd like them to stand out, with unusual, high quality artwork.

They aren't quite right, but they are the sort of thing I was after. What are your thoughts?


runehardt said...

I love it. It has an "artist's sketchbook" feel to it.
If the background is going to be that bare, I would suggest using a parchment or something to give the background a little bit more color. And the black ink could be a dark sepia. More of an old world feel. Very cool! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Philip said...

I like it, too. It has a nice, airy feel to it.

Jack said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Obviously the artwork needs fitting to the game more (it's currently sketches not game components), but the style is just what I wanted.