Monday, October 8

Deep Space DrillerAce

I've decided to move forward with my first officially "self published" game. Deep Space DrillerAce will be produced as a signed and numbered, limited edition game. The game is an abstract strategy game that has a retro tongue in cheek theme applied to it. It takes place in the near future. The world is in need of clean water and oil. During the game you play the owner of one of two Deep Space drilling companies. One is searching for oil and one is searching for water. You have both landed on the same planet that has an abundance of both water and oil. The inhabitants of this planet are very superstitous and if you can manage to build your wells in certain patterns (glyphs) they grant you the rights to drill extra wells. The player who drills the most wells on the planet when the surface is covered will be considered the "DrillerAce" . I'm still getting quotes on a couple of components but the game at this point in time will consist of: 1 21" X 21" silkscreened fabric board. - 63 glass Driller Domes - 40 Glyph cards - 1 rules sheet - 1 signed and numbered cetrificate - 1 Drawstring storage/travel bag.
I'll post pictures soon!


Mal said...

Love the tongue-in-cheek nature of the name and the theme, especially the way in which the game mechanic has been incorporated into it. Looking forward to seeing the game... :)

runehardt said...

Thanks Mal!
I'm still dialing in the board. I have some really cool versions but I'm limited to a 2 color fabric board. Which of course is keeping it from being as light and bright as I would have liked. I'll post an image of one of the prototypes tomorrow.
Then I'll post more as soon as I decide on the final artwork.