Thursday, October 11

DrillerAce Board Concepts

Here is the small travel version of the board that would not need to fold if I put the game in a 12" X 12" box. This would be printed in full color on a standard 2 or 3 mm thick board with black back.
Below is the newest version of the board. This would be the actual size of the board and the Driller Domes. The cards would be slightly larger. The board would be fabric in this case.
I obviously like the bright colors that I can print on a smaller board but then the game will need a box. With the fabric board the game is much more portable because I would sell it folded up in a fabric drawstring bag. I guess a future release (if the game is received well) could be in a box with much better artwork. I would love to hear everyones opinions regarding the the pros and cons of the different boards.


runehardt said...

The light cotton fabric at 21inches by 21 inches is a little thin and I'm now getting quotes on a heavy canvas 14" X 14" silkscreened board with a Merrow border. If this works out the new box might be a tube. That kinda goes with the retro space theme anyhow. Everything else has fallen into place except the box and board.

runehardt said...

OK - the quote for the canvas board (which looks awesome) is low enough but the minimum is too high. I want this first run to be a short limited edition. I might have to revisit the original cloth board idea. I'm also considering a 4 color printed vinyl board. I'm waiting for that quote now!

Jack said...

Yeah, it's a difficult balancing trick, cost versus miniumum. When I did Border Reivers I was fairly happy I could sell 50, but I had to make 100 to make it even vaguely affordable. The more automated you want to construction to be, the higher the minimums are too. I remember getting a quote for the Border Reivers cards. They could do decks in shrink-wrap and tuck boxes, 4 colour for £1.76. Minimum order was 1,000 though!