Friday, December 21

Gah! Stupid TNT!

Today I was working from home, and the rest of the It's Alive! boxes were due to arrive. Needless to say they haven't. I phoned TNT and they couldn't find them, so I'm not going to get them now until New Year's Eve at the earliest. So if I get any orders over Christmas they'll have to wait.

They don't even know if they've lost them, so I may never get them, which will be a huge faff as I'll need to claim the money, get the artwork printed again and then get the boxes made again, which will take several weeks.

Last time TNT managed to deliver my boxes plus a job-lot of Cisco Routers, so their ineptitude is pretty staggering.

Russin' frussin' couriers.


Anonymous said...

TNT are the ones responsible for the loss of the child benefits personal data the other month too.
Might be worth expressing your unhappiness to your suppliers and getting them to use a different courier next time.

Jack said...

Yeah, I'm going to contact them on Monday. Warn them that TNT are crap.