Tuesday, September 9

Another Busy Day

Yesterday I popped over to the warehouse to collect another 34 boxes of games ready for shipping. I also found a box-maker just round the corner that make cardboard boxes suitable for boxing up the flimsy cartons. I bought one suitable for 2 cartons, one for 6, and a couple of 8s and 12s. This morning I found out that the 12s are going to be way too heavy, so I went back and swapped two 12s for four more 6s. The sixes will weigh about 16 Kg, much better than the 32 Kg for the 12.

Today, I've mostly been boxing up cartons ready for shipping. Sadly, most of the shipping will have to wait until tomorrow, as I'm still waiting on a few delivery addresses and purchase orders, but it's definitely coming together now. While I wait to arrange the shipping our flat has a hint of the warehouse about it. It's a pretty small flat, and we've currently got 45 boxes of six at home. I've also entered into serious discussions with FRED Distribution Inc. about US distribution for It's Alive! I'm hoping we can reach an agreement that suits both of us, as widespread US distribution is key to selling all 3,000 copies.

In between getting It's Alive! ready to ship, I've also been working away at laying out the Carpe Astra artwork. It's coming together nicely, I've nearly finished the cards, with the boards about half-done. It's definitely a busy week!

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Joseph Urban said...

hi - If your doing another game I'd Like a crack at illustrating it for you.