Wednesday, September 3

It's Allliiiiiive!

After many weeks (actually months) since I last had something to sell I've now had confirmation that It's Alive! will arrive at my warehouse tomorrow! Yeay!

I've posted the changes to the website (taking the pre-order information down) and I'll contact all the pre-orders today to arrange payment and shipping.

It really feels like things are coming together. I heard from one of the two big US distributors yesterday, they are interested in taking a full pallet (840 games, or 27% of the print run), and are now trying to strike a deal where they pay for half and take half on consignment (they pay me when they sell them). If they do decide to take that pallet then 45% of the print run will be spoken for, a very respectable percentage.

The combination of those sales and hopefully several at Essen will make my bank balance much healthier.

In other news, the 10mm gap between cuts for the Carpe Astra boards can be reduced in certain circumstances, so I'm going to send them an example, to see if they are happy with my layout.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Can't wait until mine arrives.

And if you go that route, don't forget to tell them that the half on consignment is the first half.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya David,

Yeah, I thought about that! You copy will ship on Friday, should be there in a week or so :-)



Maxc said...

Jack I assigned a price to you (a virtual price), because you are realizing a dream!

Go on jack!