Monday, September 15

Back & Limping

My parents were visiting for the weekend. I had hoped to ship out the last of the orders on Friday, so that the boxes were gone from the flat before they arrived, but unfortunately neither the Germans or the UK distributor I was waiting to hear from got back to me, so I had to just sling the games in the bedroom while they were here.

I did however manage to get accommodation for Essen sorted (hmm, I think I left that a little too late - note for next year - sort something sooner!). So Friday wasn't a complete write off. I spent a fair chunk of the day cleaning and tidying though, so not much progress.

The weekend was fairly games free, obviously my parents wanted to see the finished It's Alive!, collect the copy they'd bought from me and see the art for Carpe Astra. Dad's a retired art teacher, so I always value his opinions when it comes to the art, and he liked the look of the new stuff, so that was good. We played a few games of Carcassonne on Saturday with Mum and Dad, which they both enjoyed - and they're not gamers by any stretch of the imagination.

Today I'm back in the saddle, I've been amending the Carpe Astra rules with some feedback from my playtesters and tweaking the cards to include feedback too. I also went to the bank, made harder by another MS attack which is interfering with my walking. By the end of the 2.5 miles I was really struggling, and limping quite noticeably. Still, I'm seeing the Nurse tomorrow, hopefully they'll put me back on the steroids and I can develop a rippling physique.

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