Friday, January 23

And The Winners Are...

Thanks to everyone who offered to playtest Sumeria for me. I was overwhelmed by the response - thanks!

I've chosen the winners for the playtest copies using some incredibly arcane judging criteria:

  • UK: Andy Evans
  • Europe: E Decker
  • North America: FunkyBlue & Sorrellbo

I'll be contacting the winners via email/Geekmail shortly. Thanks to everyone who volunteered - better luck next time!


Tim said...

Hi Jack,

If it makes any difference, I have literally tens of thousands of bits -- cubes, discs, cylinders, roads, you name it -- in no less than 12 colors.

If you care to have an extra playtesting group, I'm sure I'd have no problem with collecting the necessary components from my own collection, and I'd be happy to print any other materials needed.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Tim,

Thanks for the offer. I'll let you know shortly.



Tim said...

Hi Jack,

Any new thoughts? I'm an experienced credited playtester, and like I said, I'll have no problem assembling the bits and printing any necessary components. And unlike many of your applicants, I regularly read your blog... ;-) I'd be happy to help.