Thursday, January 15

Back Online

We moved down South last Monday/Tuesday. Since then I've had no internet access. I've been making trips into Bedford (about eight miles away) when I can, to use the free wifi in the Bedford Creative Arts Gallery. But the company has been effectively on hold for nine days.

I've tried to keep things going: I've collected some stock from my warehouse, shipped an order of Carpe Astra to Germany, I've been investigating shipping costs for a large order to a new US distributor and I've been getting manufacturing and art quotes for Sumeria. But without regular internet access I've felt very cut off.

Now I'm back online all the time, I'm trying to close a few orders that I've been waiting on for a while and sort a few other things out that I've been waiting on.

Jack's back!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Jackson Pope said...

Thanks Steve,

I've felt strangely disconnected from everything, what with moving to a new house, not knowing anyone down here yet and not being properly connected to the internet. Hopefully that's all about to change...