Monday, January 19

Finding My (Gaming) Feet

It's always hard when you move to a new area. You don't know anyone or where anything is. It takes a while to find your feet and get settled in.

Gaming is helping me get to know some people down here this time. When I moved to York I knew there was a board games club there, but it took me best part of a year to actually make it to Beyond Monopoly! through which I made several good friends and managed to organise a playtesting group. This time I'm going to be more organised.

In advance of our move, I asked around on BoardGameGeek for information about the area and got introduced to a few people that way. Yesterday I had one of them round for an afternoon of gaming :-). Matt and I played two games of Race for the Galaxy, two games of Dominion and my first game of Le Havre - Uwe Rosenberg's follow-up to the extremely popular Agricola.

I'm hoping to join another local group on Tuesday and then make it along to Matt's games club on Thursday. Games are a great medium for making new friends :-)

Today's main order of business is sales. I've got to wait in for the courier to collect the first order from my new German distributor, so I figure I might as well chase up all my contacts in distributors that haven't yet ordered as well as a few who's orders I'm waiting on.


Custancia said...

Replaced so easily :(

Really glad to hear you are settling in though.

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Lisa,

You're irreplaceable!

It's good to start settling in though. I'm off to someone's house tonight for a game of BSG :-)