Sunday, April 5

Competition Collateral

The competition is running as I've already mentioned. I was hoping that the competition would raise awareness of my games, and based on feedback in the announcement thread and the position of my games and company in BoardGameGeek's 'The Hotness' list of most viewed games and companies that is working pretty well.

There have also been a few other developments which I wasn't expecting. I got an email on Friday from a Canadian distributor asking for my distributor terms. I don't know whether anything will come of it, but the company serves over 300 games stores in Canada and I don't have a Canadian distributor as yet, so if they do sign up that will be awesome. I'm still hoping to get Australian distribution at some point, though when (if) that will happen is anyone's guess. I guess some Canadian's must have asked their local shop to order one of my games, and they asked the distributor, either that or the distributor is busy on BGG. Either way, I should hear their decision this week. Finger's crossed.

I've also received an Italian translation of the rules of Sumeria, two months before it is released. Usually the translations come through my distributors after there receive a game or from fans who have been playing the game with their friends. Admittedly, I've got the English rules and a translation grid up on my website, but I didn't expect any interest for quite a while yet.

This means I'll be pretty busy next week on Translation stuff. I've received the German translation of the Sumeria and Carpe Astra rules (thanks Michael!) and now the Italian Sumeria rules too. I've also got to get the Sumeria rules and box art layout finished and off to the manufacturer by the end of next week. I had to send off the board and punchboard art last week (it takes slightly longer to manufacture) so once that's done all I have to do is sit back and await the proofs and white samples. The white samples are important as they'll allow me to calculate the weight of a finished copy, and hence the postage for the pre-orders. The proofs are mainly for checking the colour balance, I've proof-read things several times before sending them off, so hopefully the manufacturer's data quality department will find fewer faults than they did with Carpe Astra.

I've also got a few more submissions this week. All in all, pretty busy.


n_r_a said...

Black font, white page. Much better now, Jack.


Jackson Pope said...

Thanks Nestor,

I was trying things out last night and accidentally posted the changes, there might be more to come...



Pinebars said...

I miss the black background. It was more relaxing...

Oh well...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Pinebars.

Jackson Pope said...

I'll probably make a few more changes over the next week or two. Maybe dial down the background a bit. It's acknowledged that black text on a white background is easier to read, but on a backlit screen lots of white can be a bit blinding.

As I said before I accidentally posted the changes while trying a few things out, and by that point it was easier to continue than roll-back.

I'll try a few more things out and then either change this a bit more, or go back.



Tao - Starlit Citadel said...

Which distributor Jack?

Jackson Pope said...

Hiya Tao,

Sorry for the delay answering - I've been away for a few days. The distributor is Grosnor (