Monday, June 15

Kickstarter and Licensing

This week has mostly been about preparing for our mini Kickstarter. The finances on this one need to be carefully thought out as we usually discount shipping in the Kickstarter, but we’re making tiny rewards (individual ships in some cases) so the margin will be very tight - especially once Kickstarter and Stripe have taken their cut. It’ll be very interesting to see how this one goes. We’re not putting much effort in (no advertising, no video) and it’s mostly aimed at backers of our first two campaigns. We’re hoping we’ll pick up a few backers for the game too though and they will be able to get the expansion in the Pledge Manager, so who knows what will happen. The other interesting thing that happened this week is that we potentially have another publisher interested in localising FlickFleet. Very early days at this point, but if it does happen that’ll be a first for me - neither Reiver Games or Eurydice Games have managed that until now.

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