Monday, June 22

Mini-Kickstarter Coming Tomorrow

That assumes a few things (including Kickstarter’s review) go well, but all being well it’ll be live by the end of Tuesday. 

This mini-Kickstarter is for some new versions of existing ships (with new names plus a dreadnought and mine-layer for The Uprising). If you’re new to FlickFleet you’ll also be able to get a copy of the base game (the expansion will also be available in the pledge manager). 

It’s low key - no video, 14 day campaign, no new reviews or advertising - it’s mostly aimed at our fans who are asking for more stuff. There’s potentially 14 add-ons up for grabs though, which come with one or more ships, the dashboards and wooden pieces necessary. 

It’ll be interesting to see how well we do without any advertising and no video...

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