Monday, June 29

Well, That Blew Up.

As I mentioned last week, this week we launched our mini-Kickstarter on Tuesday. It's for a few new ships for our FlickFleet fans and we hoped it would bring in a few more new backers through the magic of the Kickstarter machine.

We set a crazy-low target (we're just buying the bits for a pretty small run of a few ships, so we didn't need much), but even with that we were running the numbers of backers we would need in our head trying to work out if we would be successful. We'd look pretty stupid setting a £500 target and falling to reach it.

We needn't have worried. We funded in 15 minutes. Within 48 hours we'd blasted through all the Stretch Goals most of which we considered a real stretch.

As I wrote this post last night we were almost 1,400% funded and inches away from a sixth Stretch Goal that we had hastily added on later, and still not even halfway through the short campaign:

 That was totally unexpected!

We did several things that are strong advised against on this campaign: no video, no additional reviewers, no advertising, so it could have easily fallen flat. But it hasn't and we're delighted, surprised and delighted.

Considering how well it's doing, we have now started doing some Facebook advertising as well, and that's been surprisingly successful too.

Wonders never cease!

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