Tuesday, April 18

Über Games Weekend Part 1: Friday

Friday evening, after our guests arrived, we had a bite to eat and caught up, we settled down to a couple of games of Carcassonne. We just played vanilla Carcassonne with the River Expansion (that comes in the box).

I don't know what it is about Carcassonne, I can hold my own when playing 2-3 player games (which is what I play most of), but as soon as it comes to a 4 or 5 player game I seem to lose the plot when it comes to farming. Sure, farming is harder with that many players all fighting for a piece of grassland but still, you'd think I could adapt. Still, the games were fun as ever, and until the farming was totted up at the end I was definitely in the running (plus I got the immense pleasure of getting the monastery with road which fitted perfectly into a hole in the map for a very gratifying instant 9 points :-) ).

Carcassonne with its simple mechanics and very short play time is a great starter or closer to a gaming session, or a filler while waiting for another game to finish. It's definitely worth that 9 rating I gave it on BBG. Even the randomness of the tile-drawing doesn't bother me - I like that you have to pit yourself against your opponents while dealing with the hand your dealt - there's enough tiles that you're unlikely to suffer really bad luck throughout a whole game.

The first game went to Duncan, then Vicky won the second a good night's gaming and a great start to the weekend - at that point it was time for bed...

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