Saturday, April 1

Games Club

This afternoon I'm hoping to get to my local games club: Beyond Monopoly. All being well, I'll get to play a load of new games and then post a session report this evening or tomorrow.


Jack said...

D'oh! Due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn't make it. I'll just have to go along later in the month.

Ben said...

I went a few times last year - it's a bit far for me to make it down regularly (I'm in Liverpool), but I had a great time there. Jon's collection of games is awe inspiring, and I got to play a whole load of games I hadn't seen before.
I'd highly recommend anyone makes the trip, even just once, to meet other boardgame fanatics and support the group and it's aims. Non-gamers and kids are made particularly welcome, theres no end of people eager to teach games.

Jack said...

The next meeting is on March 22nd - and all being well I'm definitely going this time.