Thursday, April 6

Dollyo: Making Progress

I've had some time this evening to do some more work on Dollyo, my second game. It's still very much in it's infancy, but a game is starting to take shape.

At this stage in the game's development I'm playing 2-player games against myself to try and balance the early stages of play. I'm only using a couple of the game's mechanics - I'll build things up once the stuff I'm currently testing becomes a bit more stable. It's changed a lot during the last couple of weeks, tonight though, the concepts stayed the same - it was just the balancing factors (exchange rates, etc.) that were varying.

One of my aims with Dollyo is to make a game for 2-7 players, since Border Reivers is only 2-4. Once the game settles down a bit I'll need to start play-testing games with more players to ensure the balance doesn't go out the window as the game scales up.

I've also been investigating printers for the limited edition run of Border Reivers. I'm expecting to do the printing myself (I'm buying an A3 colour printer soon), but if I can get a reasonable price for a small print run from a professional printer I might well go down that route. The problem with small print runs is that you don't get any of the buying in bulk discounts so it ends up being quite expensive to make and hence you need to ask a fairly steep price for it.

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